Blue Collar Jobs – High Paying And As Popular As Ever

The term 'blue collar workers' was coined from the colour of the typical shirts that workers who performed manual labour used to wear. Nowadays, the blue collar workforce is considerably strong in almost all countries. With vocational schools and employer sponsored apprentice programs blue collar workers of the world are increasingly skilled and experienced.  The increased specialisation and technology skills required for these jobs and are sought after by employers and labour hire agencies alike.

As a result blue collar positions are increasingly are highly in demand and fetch a considerable salary.

Here are 3 examples:

Elevator mechanics

The job description of an elevator mechanic includes the assembly, installation, replacement and maintenance of elevators and their accessories. This is a high paid blue collar position that requires special training and educational qualifications for candidates to become eligible for the positions. The workers are expected to possess the necessary skills from reading blueprints all the way to assembling and installing the devices.

Locomotive Engineers

The rail transportation system across Australia offers a range of high paid blue collar jobs to the right professionals. Locomotive engineers are responsible for making sure that the train engines are up and running the way they should. Even while the train is in motion, it is the locomotive engineers' task to make sure that the engine functions properly while maintaining the right speed, air pressure and amperage.

Transportation Inspectors

This is a career that can lead to many paths. Transportation systems need to be constantly monitored to make sure that they meet the safety regulations to make them usable by the public. The job of a transportation inspector is to make sure that their specialised transportation system is always functioning at its optimum and safest. A candidate is able to choose a preferred transportation system out of rail, public transport or aviation. This is a blue collar position that requires some skill and experience while offering satisfactory returns.

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