5 Qualities To Look For in Construction Workers

If you are in the construction industry then you might be hiring construction workers for your projects on a regular basis. The demand for construction workers will only increase over 2017.  Competition for construction labour is expected to increase in Sydney based on the 2017 Federal budget announcements. Developing a strong working relationship with a labour hire company will become increasingly important to running a successful construction project.

Labour Hire Recruitment Limitations

You cannot fully rely on a construction labour hire company when it comes to screening candidates for your projects. Every construction company should be able to determine the right type of construction workers they want in their projects. While a labour hire company can definitely provide the best construction workers for your projects, you still need to conduct the final screening of candidates.  So it is important that you have a set of qualities that you are looking for in the candidates presented to you.

Qualities to look for in construction workers include;

1. Certified to Operate Construction Equipment

Construction workers should be trained on operating power tools and machinery. They will also be working with different construction materials like cement, glass, electrical wires, and more. It is essential to find workers who have been certified to operate construction equipment to ensure utmost safety.

2. Stamina & Strength

The most basic quality that a construction worker should possess is physical stamina and strength. These workers will perform different tasks on the site that will involve manual labour such as climbing, lifting, digging, bending, and the operation of power tools. You need workers who are up to the task of manual labour.

3. Coordination & Dexterity

You want workers who posses good coordination and dexterity. The workers need to have outstanding hand-eye coordination. They should also be quick on their feet and very flexible. Many of the tasks in a construction site require workers to be sitting or lying down so your workers need to have full body coordination.

4. Mathematical & Reading Skills

It would be good to hire construction workers who have strong mathematics and reading skills. These workers will encounter specifications, procedures, and other things that will require them to quickly have a good grasp of instructions and calculations. Math skills will certainly be needed for measurements, angles, and for making necessary adjustments.

5. Depth Perception & Vision

You want construction workers with excellent depth perception and vision. Construction work requires precision and accuracy. Good eyesight is definitely a requirement for this type of job. Workers will be dealing with construction materials as well as blue prints and if they will be handling machinery and equipment, they should be able to see dials and gauges clearly to ensure that everything is functioning well.Ongoing Training

These are just some of the basic qualities you want to see in the construction workers you will hire. As a construction labour hire company Labour Opotions can supply the best construction workers based on your requirements.  Using the criteria above you can make a more informed final determination on the ones you will hire.

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